Letting the plan emerge

Although the idea of building a body of work is much favoured by publishers and gallery owners this form has never fitted well with the way I have approached photography. My method was to binge on picture taking for a couple of days in places where I found myself. Because I attended conferences around the world I would find myself in a disparate number of cities. No planning or fore thought was involved. I just got up and photographed things that caught my eye. It only turned out this was mainly man made scenes. The landscape was less interesting than the farming or the quarrying that had scraped or gouged it. Mostly I was drawn to cities and towns and to photographing people doing stuff.

When I do this they often appear disconnected. This reminds we of a newspaper column in the Observer called Disconnected Jottings. This term fits if I substitute Jottings for pictures. Now a door is opened to weird juxtapositions which may work or may not. Flitting about I believe is the activity, the lack of a clear body is the key.

Anyway that’s the excuse for what is a rather randomised approach which you never know may lead to a new way of presentation. However, I doubt it.

So its street photography?

It was only decades later that a term emerged that seemed to suit my area of interest and that was street photography. Applying this label seemed useful up to a point but it still didn’t fully cover the range of subjects to which I’m drawn. I have since given up trying to categorise my pictures. I just try to marshal them into some form of sequence so that they won’t appear completely dis-jointed when put into a book. Enough of the explanation let the pictures do their work.

How to buy images

Thanks to the excellent Printspace ordering service pictures can be bought with a few clicks, printed and despatched by Printspace directly. You can choose to buy a print at a range of sizes or have the print framed. If you have any questions then please email me directly at alan@alanholdenphotography.com

2017 –

This year I’m splitting my time between taking photographs and pulling pictures out of my digital archive for showing on this website. I will then tackle the huge volume of transparencies, colour and black and white negatives that I have accumulated over fifty years. I will gradually release more images in batches over the year.